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Theme settings

Theme base

Set the base of theme.

Global theme settings

Background color

Text color

Text color 2nd + 3rd line

Text marked color

Divider line color

Background title color

Text title color

ICS does not modify the title bar text color API.Therefore, it is not available when using the system title bar.

Background color - groups

Background color - organizations

Background color - titles

Text color for labeled 3rd line

This is for text color on labeled groups, organizations and titles.

Background list section color

Text list section color

Quick-Jump background color

Quick-Jump text color

Quick-Jump alignment

  • Top
  • Center
  • Bottom

Font size (1st line)

Font size (2nd line)

Font size (3rd line)

Minimum height of list item

Global icon size

This size define the width of all icons: dial in dialpad, back key in dialpad, dial, sms, email, picture.

Default contact icon

Default group icon

Lock items view changes

Lock items view to change items via 2 finger sliding.

History view settings

Missed calls text color

Incoming call view

Background color

Text color

Font size

Phone dial-pad settings

Background color

Divider line color

Pressed key background color

Text color

Text color

The color of the second T9 language.

Font size for digits

Font size for letters

Phone dialpad height

Grid view settings

Grid size

Display name below the picture

Lock grid size

If it is locked, then the quick-jump can be used again via 2 finger slider.